Company History

HKCW was first established in 1994 to cope with the demand of police figurines in the local market. By then there were virtually no miniature models of any emergency services in Hong Kong other than some toys for children. 


The first model was a 120mm resin figurine of a traffic police officer, because of its popularity the range quickly extended to cover almost all different branches of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force. The company quickly earned its reputation and being approached for special commissioned 200mm figurines. The most famous one is the commemorative figurine of an ‘Assaulter’ of the famous Special Duty Unit (SDU) - a police unit equivalent to S.A.S. on the occasion of their 20th anniversary. This particular figurine soon became a collector’s item by unit members and private collectors alike. With the demand of elite series, another popular one is ‘Diver’ from the Water Team of SDU. Both figurines together with the GSG-9 figure are now on display in the office of many elite units in the World.  Other than police figurines, the company also produced firemen and again they were very popular. 


In 1997, it saw the peak of the figurines business, but soon overwhelmed with cheap quality copies from China. In order to control the situation, the company had temporarily stopped the production of figurines for public instead it turned the focus to special commissioned figurines, some of which with kind permission of the copy holder could be found in our special edition page. It includes weapons, both military and police vehicles. There is even a 1/72 scale helicopter too.


With the turn of the century, the company opened up a new product line – military series. It started off with individual track-links and lately there are several conversion kits, all of which are modern subjects. There are more to be added to this series later this year. We welcome any suggestion and the above products are the result of enthusiastic modellers who make the effort in offering ideas, sending us sketches, photos and tons of reference materials. Anyone contributing to new products will be credited accordingly.


We would also extend our invitation to any talented modellers who are interested in sharing their work with others. They will be rewarded commensurately of course which will remain a business secret between us! Their contributions to the model world are invaluable and should not be counted by monetary terms.


In closing, welcome everyone to visit our web site and leave your valuable comments, which help to develop our company. We may not be able to answer individually as we only have a handful of staff, but we are listening and will react to it too. Keep coming back to hear more good news.


By the staff of HKCW